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  Rachel Goodburn - Saturday, April 13th at 1:00 PM - 4.00PM
10 Margate Road, #17-03 Meier Suites (Lobby 3) S438051

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Bunting and Arrows Baby Shower designed by Oak Street Press
Your Host: Lorna
Hello Lovely Ladies...
As you all know our good friend and resident princess is expecitng another little princess! Yay! There can never be too many!
It has not been the easiest road so lets make sure we shower her with some attention, love, fun and pressies to mark how far she has come and all the amazing times that are still yet to come!
What: Rachels Baby Shower
Where: Rachels Pad
10 Margate Road
17-03 Meier Suites
Singapore 438 051
When: April 13th 2013, 1 PM - 4 PM

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