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  Kevin's Surprise Party - There's a Birthday Party and you're invited to show, but  don't tell Kevn because he doesn't know.
So if you can make it,  here's a word to the wise, make sure you come early because its a surprise !  
Your Host: Tabitha Mashack
Friends, Family, Lend me your Ears. We do not want to offend you. It is one of our fears.
Presents are lovely, and quite kind at that, and if you already bought one,dont bother to take it back.
If you haven't, however, and wish to be sure it is appreciated, send money instead, and money is never overrated.
What: Kevin's Surprise Party
Where: 2853 NW 8th Court
Ft. Laderdale, FL 33311
When: May 4th 2013, 7 PM

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