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  May is Garlic Mustard Month - The High Park Stewards have a new special dedicated group called THE ELITE INVASIVE SQUAD. We will be meeting on Sunday mornings during the month of May and at other times as agreed on by the group and our Urban Forestry advisers to tackle a variety of threats to our native plant habitat.
Dates: Sat. May 5 and Sundays May 13, May 20 and May 27.
Please email InvasiveSquad@highparknature.org for details and see www.highparknature.org  
From: High Park Stewards
Garlic Mustard is an extremely aggressive invasive plant in woodland areas. Not only does it crowd out almost every other type of plant but is has an allopathic agent that hinders their growth. Once removed native species can be planted to restore some biodiversity. Areas where GM has been removed need to be monitored and tended for at least 5 y...
What: May is Garlic Mustard Busting Month
Links: High Park Stewards

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